Apr 12

Portland Palette

Portland palette

Spotted in SE Portland, OR during a three day whirlwind visit. If you’re in the hood, make it a point to check out Meat Bread Cheese.

Apr 12
Apr 12

Landing in Charlotte, NC

Landing in Charlotte, NC II

Taken with the IPhone and edited with Instagram and Snapseed.

Jan 12

Hibernating Ladybugs

Ladybugs ... up to something

Spotted in Redwood Regional Park in the East Bay.

Jan 12

Taller Lenateros in Chiapas, Mexico

Taller Lenateros

Today I had the opportunity to check out Taller Lenateros, a small workshop that takes recycled materials and produces incredible paper, books, and art. From their website:

A publishing collective operated by contemporary Mayan artists in Chiapas, Mexico. Founded in 1975 by poet Ámbar Past, the Workshop has created the first books to be written, illustrated, printed, bound (in paper of their own making) by Mayan people in over 400 years. Among its multiple objectives are those of documentation, praise and dissemination of Amerindian cultural values: song, literature, plastic arts, and the ancient Mesoamerican tradition of painted books.

The Leñateros’ rescue of old and endangered techniques such as the extraction of dyes from wild plants, contributes to the conservation of Native American languages, and benefits the ecology by recycling agricultural and industrial wastes, transforming them into art and beautiful books.

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